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1. Introduction

Albert Einstein, when creating first the special and then the general theory of relativity, did use lots of thought experiments. A thought experiment is a metaphor, an explanation to reach understanding by analogy — like, for example, what happens if we sit and ride on a light beam.

This article…

envisioning a web that revolves around the user, not the server and not the blockchain

1. Introduction

This is an article about a new post-blockchain future technology.

Currently we are living in the centralized — server dominated web communications.

Blockchains did introduce the idea of decentralization but do not go far enough.


Requirement: If the word astrology triggers strong judgments, please suspend them until you read the article completely.

The article mixes astronomy, astrology, technical analysts and fundamental analysis of cryptocurrency charts. In short — astronomy deals with the movements of planets, stars, galaxies. Astrology deals with beliefs about the influence of…

paul arssov

Creating the decentralized web —

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