Decentralized web / dWeb — what is it?

1. Introduction

This is an article about a new post-blockchain future technology.

2. Variety of existing visions and definitions

There are variety of existing definitions of a decentralized web such as :

3. My definition of decentralized web

An article in the ‘let’s get rid of the blockchain’ series — on_decentralization() describes in detail the types of decentralization.

4. Elements of the dWeb project

The project includes the following elements:

5. Not an open source project, but…

I may be shamed by others for not believing in making projects to be open source.

6. Privacy — a side benefit of dWeb

‘Nosy’ governments with or without admitting it love to collect all data of their citizens and residents.


towards centralized blockchains article



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paul arssov

paul arssov


Creating the decentralized web —, building a decentralized communication platform